Week 8

The 8 weeks are almost over. So now its time for some recap and time to plan ahead. How did everything go?
In order to do this, we want to recap en capture the ways in which you have changed your life for the last couple of weeks. Thats why we have some questions for you. Make sure you print these questions and write your answers on paper. Make sure you do this before your last weekly checkin so you can discuss them with your coach. Also, this piece of paper will be the foundation for your future.
1. How does your ideal day look like with your nutrition when you are busy, and how do you prepare for such a day?
2. What are the moments in the day that you drink water?
3. How do you get your 30 minutes of movement every day?
4. Which things do you do to relax, especially when you are experiencing a lot of stress?
5. How does your night time routine look like?
6. How does your morning routine look like?
7. What did you improve in your bed room and what do you have to do to have the best sleep?
8. How do you meditate daily?
9. How do you express gratitude daily?
By writing down the answers to each of these questions, you have a clear overview on the way that you’ve encorporated these healthy habits into your life. This is the list of things that work for you and so these are the things that you should keep doing. 
Please be aware that even though the program stops, our door will always be open for you. You can always reach your coach through email, WhatsApp or by phone. Also the link to the weekly checkins is still available for you to plan a quick call when you feel like it. Are you experiencing some problems, do you want to have a quick chat or some advice! Please contact us!
Good luck with your last challenge!


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