Week 6

Week 6 of the program is all about selfcare and gratitude. In the attachment you’ll find all the information about it you need.
Like you might have noticed, the information we’re sending you every week gets less and less every time. Why? The first four weeks of this program we’ve discussed almost all the most important things of a heathy lifestyle and you’ve started to learn and incorporate these things in your lifestyle. 

Consisitency is key! Make sure that you keep filling in your habit diary that you’ve received in week 5 and that you exercise all the steps and things that are in there. This way, after the 8 weeks, you’ll have new healthy habits that will stay! 

Appendix - Gratitude

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The best of luck and FUN (!) with this module. It will definitely change your life for the better!
Best regards,
Guido and Merel - Team Bakfiets Gym


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