Week 1

Awesome that you’re gonna start with our 8 weeks Outside Your Comfort Zone program. On behalf of the whole team at De Bakfiets Gym I want to welcome you! 
You’re at the start of the program. In this email I will briefly explain what the first 7 days of our program will look like.
We start with collecting some information, numbers and data so we have a clear view of what we’re starting with. We will do this in an online questionnaire that you can access via this link: https://debakfietsgym.typeform.com/to/GJfuvk. Make sure you fill out this form on the first day of your program. If you have any questions, please contact us!
Besides the intake, you will find two attachments to this email. The first attachment is our 30 days sleep challenge. This is arguably one of the most important components of this program. Open the attachment, read it and get started. Make sure you finish the checklist to get off on a good start. In the sleep challenge attachment you will also find a sleeplog for the next 30 days. Print it and start with filling it out every day. Good luck!
The second attachment is the nutrition plan, food diary and grocery list. Make sure you also print these. The first 7 days of this program you wil log a minimum of 3 days eating. Make sure you also fill in one day on the weekend. The nutrition plan is a list of products, sorted by category, which we recommend to fill in your diet with. We’ve also added a grocery list that is in accordance with this nutrition plan so that you can do your groceries without too much thinking. 
I wish you all the luck the upcoming 7 days. Every week of this program you wil have a coachingscall with your coach, Guido, to discuss your progress and other things. Via the link down below you can already book your first weekly checkin with Guido. Make sure you’ve got it booked in the next 7 days! In this call you will talk about the first week, the sleep challenge, the food diary and much more. 
Ofcourse, when you have questions, difficulties or need some support, we’re always there for your. You can always reach us through email, phone of WhatsApp if you need some extra guidance or support. Also, if you feel te need for an extra weekly checkin, feel free to book it though the link below!
So, we’re gonna get started! Good luck the next 7 days,


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